Which contracts exist and what do you need to consider when concluding them?

Essentially, all founders enter into contracts on the path to establishing their own business and thereafter: lease agreements, leasing contracts, purchase agreements, employment contracts, contracts with customers or suppliers, etc.

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In doing so, you are naturally responsible (jointly) for the content and compliance of the contracts and their agreements, no longer protected by consumer protection regulations as you might have been in the past. Therefore, special caution and care are required.

Brochure GründerZeiten No. 24: Registrations, Law, and Contracts

The brochure "GründerZeiten No. 24: Registrations, Law, and Contracts", published by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK), addresses the important topic of "contracts" among others. Alongside information regarding registration obligations for new business ventures or freelance activities, the brochure contains extensive information on "law and contracts".

> The brochure primarily covers the following points

  • What must a contract fundamentally contain?
  • Detailed information on the most common types of contracts: commercial lease agreements and purchase contracts
  • How can contracts be legally terminated or amended?
  • What options exist to resolve disputes, such as premature termination of a contract, out of court?
  • General terms and conditions and compliance with the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG)

Two tips

  • In our "Templates for Employment Contracts", you will find templates for creating:
    - Fixed-term employment contract with a justified reason
    - Fixed-term employment contract without a justified reason
    - Employment contract for marginal employment
    - Part-time employment contract
    - Permanent employment contract
  • On the nationwide founder platform, there is a contract tool that helps you create the following contracts legally:
    - Employment contract for a mini job
    - Articles of association for a GmbH
    - Articles of association for a UG (limited liability)
    - Registration in the commercial register for founding
    - Private loan agreement