Girls’Day and Boys’Day 2024

Girls’Day and Boys’Day are the opportunity to explore professions and fields of study that students might not typically consider for themselves.

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The upcoming action days will take place on April 25, 2024.

The Girls'Day and Boys'Day action days are the world's largest program for career orientation, promoting the idea of career and study choices free from gender stereotypes and creating individual experiential spaces. Students from grade 5 onwards visit companies or universities, meet role models in professions that inspire them, and explore the diversity of the working world.

Why do we have Girls'Day and Boys'Day?

Girls' Day and Boys' Day are not ordinary career orientation days. On this day, girls and boys are meant to explore professions where the proportion of women or men is still less than 40 percent. They are intended to motivate children and teenagers to go beyond traditional gender roles, as their choices of education or studies are often strongly influenced by "typically female" or "typically male" fields. For example, Girls' Day includes activities in IT, crafts, natural sciences, or technology, while Boys' Day focuses on professions and courses of study in nursing, education, service sectors, or social work.

Do Girls'Day and Boys'Day have an impact?

Definitely: Yes!

According to recent surveys of participants, both the effectiveness and importance of the action days for young people are evident. A large majority of respondents, 78 percent of female students and 83 percent of male students, stated that a day of internship was (very) helpful for them to learn about professions and the working world.

Around two-thirds of surveyed youth even said that Girls' Day and Boys' Day had specifically helped them to get a better idea of what they want to do professionally in the future.

The figures from the previous year illustrate the potential of the action day. After Boys'Day 2022, for example, significantly more students who gained insight into a social or educational profession during the action day could imagine working in such a profession, compared to before participation (increase from 17% to 27%).
Similarly, after participating in Girls'Day, significantly more female students could imagine pursuing a career in information technology or computer science (increase from 12% to 21%).

"Here, the potential and impact of the action days become evident. Young people see these as an important opportunity to learn about professions in a practical way. Companies should utilize this willingness and desire for information. This is where the future workforce can be reached. We often hear from companies that former participants return to the company for an internship or even for training," says Desiree Heijne, project coordinator from the Federal Coordination Office for Girls' Day and Boys' Day, encouraging companies and institutions to register an offer for the 2024 action day.

How can you participate?

If it's important for you to show students what you do in your company and inspire them about your work, you can register your offer using the links provided below. Perhaps among the participants, there may even be those interested in returning for an internship or even considering training! At the very least, you can strengthen your "good reputation" in the region! Because what you shouldn't forget is: Today's students are tomorrow's skilled workers, whom you might need in your company someday!

If you're unsure how to organize Girls' Day and Boys' Day, you can find guidance and suggestions in the "Guide for Companies"!

Here are the links for your registration:
Register Girls' Day Offer
Register Boys' Day Offer