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News & Tips 10 Tips for Taking the Step into Entrepreneurship

Every business idea is different, and each has its unique path. However, some fundamental aspects are more or less shared by all when planning a startup.

News & Tips Failure is the best thing to start with

Entrepreneur coach Stefan Merath knows all facets of being an entrepreneur, from starting up to insolvency. Today, he uses his knowledge and experience to guide people on the path to personal and professional success. In this interview, he talks about why failure is good, how to overcome the first hurdles as an entrepreneur and why business plans are often thrown away.

News & Tips Government expands access to capital for start-up companies

An additional 1.75 billion euros from the Future Fund and ERP Special Assets are to be used for technology and innovation developments in Germany.

News & Tips “Business Succession – A Chance for Entrepreneurs?”

A business succession is a complex process that must be well prepared by both parties.

News & Tips Direct route to customized financing

Finding the right financing is not so easy. This is where the guarantee banks’ financing portal for SMEs can help.


The Inspired ideas competition is starting a new round. Registration for the local competitions has already begun.

News & Tips Stay flexible with fixed-term employment contracts

Fixed-term employment contracts are an instrument for making the labor market flexible.

News & Tips Companies in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern receive support for climate protection measures.

The Ministry for Climate Protection, Agriculture, Rural Areas, and Environment has issued a Climate Protection Funding Guideline for businesses in the VI. quarter of 2024.

News & Tips Every child needs a name: What should (and may) my company be called?

Every company needs a name. But not just any name: Should it be a personal name, a fantasy name, or perhaps an industry name?

News & Tips What’s changing in the new year: new legal regulations in 2024

Higher minimum wage, increased citizen’s allowance, the e-prescription: new legal regulations come into force in many areas at the turn of the year.

News & Tips Liability, warranty, guarantee?

As a founder, you should be aware of these general laws.

News & Tips Every website needs a Data protection declaration

All websites need a Data protection declaration in addition to the legal notice. This is even required by law.

News & Tips Retention periods for business records

Which records and documents must be kept and for how long?

News & Tips Social security contributions for employees: This is how they are calculated

How are social security contributions calculated, what special rules apply to low earners, what does the March clause mean?