Podcast series for self-employment

The Neubrandenburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce has launched a new podcast series on the topic of self-employment. This initiative is aimed at all those who want to become self-employed in the region.

Zuletzt aktualisiert: 09.07.2024
IHK-Podcast Volker Hirchert Grit Gehlen

The first four of a total of nine episodes of the podcast series "Founding - Grit Gehlen asks" offer practical insights and valuable advice on the topics "Am I a founder type?", "Financing a business idea", "Founding in the catering industry" and "Founding in the transport industry".

In the individual episodes, Grit Gehlen asks her IHK colleagues what is important in the various industries when founding a company, what financing options are available and what a founder has to "bring with him".

For the upcoming episodes, the focus will be on topics aimed at those who want to start a business in the accommodation, services and retail sectors. A podcast is also about the topic of succession. Then a podcast on typical legal issues of founders will be published.

The podcasts have a length of ten to twenty minutes per episode. They are intended to encourage people to register for a free consultation day at the Neubrandenburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

The other episodes will be released on Wednesdays.

Over 2000 start-ups in the IHK region

Last year, around 200 women and men received personal advice from the Neubrandenburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce on the subject of business start-ups. The focus was on ideas in the hospitality and services sectors.

"Wir wissen aus unseren zahlreichen Beratungsgesprächen, dass sich Gründungswillige gern erstmal belesen und "nachhören", bevor sie zu uns kommen", weiß Volker Hirchert, Koordinator für Existenzgründung/Unternehmensförderung, zu berichten.

Although the framework conditions for business start-ups and business start-ups cannot necessarily be described as ideal, more than 2000 women and men in the IHK region choose the not always easy path to self-employment.

"Many of those interested in founding a company come to us for advice on fundamental questions about start-ups, take part in our seminars and use our consultation days and other offers to prepare themselves in the best possible way," says Volker Hirchert.

No one has to start a business alone

But many founders are not even aware of these offers and are later annoyed that they did not take advantage of the many services offered by the Neubrandenburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

"Again and again we hear in conversations with existing companies that they might have been able to overcome one or the other start-up hurdle more easily. With our podcast series, we want to draw the attention of as many people as possible to our offers.
Above all, we also want to reach those who are still undecided and encourage them to get their idea out of the drawer. Because everyone can take advantage of our support services and no one has to start a business alone," Volker Hirchert is convinced.

For a continuation of the podcast series, Volker Hirchert and the IHK colleagues have their eye on the topic of "Founding as a franchisee" and are looking forward to suggestions and wishes.

The podcasts released so far are available on the YouTube and Soundcloud platforms. They can also be accessed via the social media channels of the Neubrandenburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

If you have any questions or need further information, you can contact Volker Hirchert from the Neubrandenburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce:
Tel. 0395 5597-306 or via E-Mail: volker.hirchert@neubranenburg.ihk.de

Photo: IHK NL/Graphic: Canva