The courage to start a business and self-competence – what women need in particular for self-confident visibility

Juliane Hinz (35) from Neustrelitz is an empowerment coach and business mentor. In this interview, the founder and returnee talks about her self-employment, meaningfulness and social media.

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Juliane Hinz (35) from Neustrelitz is an empowerment coach and business mentor. In this interview, the founder and returnee talks about her self-employment, meaningfulness and social media.

Juliane, you have set up your own business as an empowerment coach and business mentor. What exactly can we expect from this?

Empowerment coaching involves looking at personal issues, i.e. inner blockages or limiting beliefs that show up and hinder people in their business development. My aim is to make them visible with inner clarity so that they can be confidently externalised. The integration of Human Design also helps with this. It is a very helpful system for personal development, i.e. for realising who you are. It allows you to recognise your own strengths that you have brought with you since birth and also your life's learning tasks.

Your path to self-employment initially took you through other professional stations outside Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania…

That's right, I grew up in Blumenhagen near Pasewalk and in Neustrelitz. After graduating from high school in Neustrelitz, I have done an apprenticeship as a hotel manager in Dresden and then moved to Hesse. I worked in a hotel in Frankfurt/Main and worked in marketing for a seminar provider in Wiesbaden alongside my part-time business studies. After that, I have been active for a start-up in Wiesbaden and then for a medical association.
Overall, I realised that online marketing was my career field and I thought about what I wanted to achieve every time I changed jobs. I thought I would become happier from company to company. But I did not.

What happened next for you?

The 2020 coronavirus crisis brought with it a period of professional reorganisation. There has to be a purpose behind my work. I see this in coaching, healers and therapists, for example. "If not now, then when?" I thought to myself and started my own business as a marketing consultant. I soon realised that I'm not just a consultant, I go deeper, I actually coach. So I interspersed a coaching training programme and finally dared to expand my self-employment as an empowerment coach and business mentor.

"Self-employment is not about doing everything on your own. My tip for all self-employed people is to look for networks and collaborations early on, as well as mentors or a coach. That saved me an enormous amount of time and worry."

– Juliane Hinz, founder and returnee

How did you prepare for the foundation?

I scoured websites and did a lot of reading myself. I had a start-up section in my business studies programme. I applied for a start-up grant from the employment agency and took out a founders loan from KfW Bank. I had my tax advisor issue me with a certificate of viability. I drew up the business plan and financial plan with the help of software.
I worked with my company "Webantrieb" in Wiesbaden for a year. Then I moved back to Neustrelitz and registered my business there.

What prompted you to return?

My return to MV was first and foremost a personal decision. My family lives in Neustrelitz. The fact that my partner and I found a great flat reinforced the decision to return to my roots. I have my office in my flat by the lake and invite clients from Switzerland, Austria and Germany to my virtual coaching room from there.

You have seen both sides, now. How differently do women in Hesse and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania found companies?

There are proportionally more women among the few who start a business here (compared to other federal states, MV unfortunately lags behind). There may be various reasons why this is the case. Perhaps the better childcare options available for mothers or the values conveyed, I can't say for sure. The courage to start a business and self-competence – that's what women especially need for self-confident visibility. Overall, I sensed the so-called entrepreneurial spirit in Wiesbaden. I took this feeling of being innovative and thinking big with me and I'm holding on to it. There is also a start-up scene in MV…

A start-up scene that you discovered through networking!

Exactly, innovative minds come together in MV. I have already made valuable contacts there, for example Judith Kenk and Katharina Scheunemann. I regularly attend regular get-togethers and events. I'm also a member of Gründungswerft from Greifswald. "Beyond Peers" in Rostock is a great women's network, but "Femboss" in Berlin, "Mentor me" in Berlin and "Mentor lane" in Frankfurt are also very enriching on a national level.

What does a typical working day look like for you?

In the beginning, I tried to stick to everything strictly. Now I work through what's important. That comes naturally over time. A maximum of two appointments a day for coaching, preparing courses and social media. I have adopted an intuitive way of working. Self-reflection, courage, flexibility and resilience are needed to persevere as a self-employed person. But it's also important to switch off. That's why I meditate and do yoga.

You are active on Facebook and Instagram yourself. How do you manage the balance between content creation and consumption?

I use social media primarily to create and not to consume. However, that was also a process. In the beginning, I made a lot of comparisons with other content creators. But a conscious approach to social media is very important, because otherwise there is a risk of ending up on the hamster wheel. If I do, I set a timer for half an hour to an hour for conscious consumption.

What ideas and plans do you have as a coach and mentor?

My dream is to create a modern coaching centre with seminar rooms, catering and retreats. Ideally in a house by the sea where everyone can stay. From 2024, I will be organising a small network for self-employed people (m/f) in Neustrelitz who promote personal development through their services (coaching, yoga, TCM, dance). I already have some wonderful cooperation partners here who want to be part of it.


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