Direct route to customized financing

Finding the right financing is not so easy. This is where the guarantee banks’ financing portal for SMEs can help.

Zuletzt aktualisiert: 06.02.2024

What is the financing portal of the guarantee banks?

Through the platform, you as an entrepreneur, freelancer, startup and succession interested person, credit institutions as well as advisory facilities can submit financing requests for your (planned) company within a few minutes.

How does it work?

Your request is automatically forwarded to the respective guarantee bank. The evaluation by the guarantee bank is free of charge. Employees of the guarantee banks personally and individually examine your request for the feasibility of financing and the possible assumption of a guarantee.

"With our financing portal, we want to facilitate access to tailor-made financing and thus support further companies in their projects," says Guy Selbherr, Chairman of the Association of German Guarantee Banks.

The financing portal also helps you structure the required financing. Upon request, the house bank and other credit institutions desired by the customer are addressed. At the same time, the financing portal offers a service for banks and savings banks.

The communication with the guarantee banks is simplified by the offer and the effort in examining start-ups and investment projects is reduced. If credit institutions submit a request for, for example, start-up financing via the portal, the guarantee banks will examine and prepare the project.

For your information: The Association of German Guarantee Banks (VDB) is the joint representation of 17 guarantee banks and guarantee companies as well as 15 SME investment companies in Germany. The VDB is the central contact for politics, economy, media, and society in all matters concerning guarantees, guarantees, and investments.


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